LED panel with selectable colour


 Designed for commercial and office space lighting tasks.

Design Specifications

  • Extruded aluminium profile with high efficiency opal polystyrene rear diffuser, suitable for a range of installation types.

  • Quality white powder coated finish

  • High efficiency SMD LED chips, CRI > 80

  • Remote constant current non-dimmable LED driver, complete with flex and plug

  • Easy selectable colour temperature with an inbuilt DIP switch, 3000, 4000, 5700K for TC models only

  • Emergency models compliant to AS/NZS2293 with D32 spacing classification available. Warranty for EM models 2 years, battery 1 year.


Dimmable Driver - OPTIONAL
Model No. Description Input Power Lumens CCT Enquire
Model No.S9714/306 CW DescriptionLED PANEL 295 X 595mm CW WH Input240 Power18 Lumens2000 CCT4000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/606 CW DescriptionLED PANEL 595 X 595mm CW WH Input240 Power30 Lumens3200 CCT4000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/606 DL DescriptionLED PANEL 595 X 595mm DL WH Input240 Power30 Lumens3300 CCT6000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/312 CW DescriptionLED PANEL 295 X 1195mm CW WH Input240 Power30 Lumens3100 CCT4000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/312 DL DescriptionLED PANEL 295 X 1195mm DL WH Input240 Power30 Lumens3200 CCT6000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/612 CW DescriptionLED PANEL 595 X 1195mm CW WH Input240 Power48 Lumens5200 CCT4000 Enquire
Model No.S9714/306TC DescriptionLED PANEL 18W 295x595mm 3/4/6K Input240 Power18 Lumens1900/2000/2100 CCT3000/4000/5700 Enquire
Model No.S9714/606TC DescriptionLED PANEL 30W 595x595mm 3/4/6K Input240 Power30 Lumens3100/3200/3300 CCT3000/4000/5700 Enquire
Model No.S9714/312TC DescriptionLED PANEL30W 295x1195mm 3/4/6K Input240 Power30 Lumens3000/3100/3200 CCT3000/4000/5700 Enquire
Model No.S9714/612TC DescriptionLED PANEL48W 595x1195mm 3/4/6K Input240 Power48 Lumens5000/5200/5300 CCT3000/4000/5700 Enquire
Model No.S9714/306EM DescriptionLED PANEL 300mm X 600mm EMERG. Input240 Power18 Lumens CCT Enquire
Model No.S9714/606EM DescriptionLED PANEL 600mm X 600mm EMERG. Input240 Power30 Lumens CCT Enquire
Model No.S9714/312EM DescriptionLED PANEL 300mm X 1200mm EMERG Input240 Power30 Lumens CCT Enquire
Model No.S9714/612EM DescriptionLED PANEL 600mm X 1200mm EMERG Input240 Power48 Lumens CCT Enquire
INSTALLATION TYPES Standard metric T-Bar ceiling recessed installation Air Slot models to suit –/306, –/312 panel sizes Plaster ceiling recessed installation (S9704 Plaster ceiling frame required) Clean Room models to suit –/606, –/312 panel sizes Surface mounted installation (S306FM, S312FM, S606FM or S612FM surface mounted frame required) Suspended installation (SSI1512 & S9714SP6 or SSY1512 & S9714SP6 Suspension Kits required) Dimming options - Trailing edge (excluding S9714/612) , 1-10V analogue (excluding S9714/612) emergency Compliant to AS2293 Emergency classification: D32 LED charge status indicator Test switch Guaranteed 90 minutes emergency operation Intelligent automatic recharging function 16 hours charge time Deep discharge protection SELV compliant Battery type: 2500mAh @ 4.8V