Haberfield McDonald's Restaurant

Category: Case studies

Keeping up to date and relevant with restaurant refresh programs is part of McDonald's Restaurants DNA and WOW, how good does the Haberfield NSW refurbishment look?

SAL was very excited to be part of the lighting requirements upgrade, in conjunction with TLE Lakemba and TRG Electrical.

Taking centre stage with the task of highlighting the feature wall panels was the Newman III S9525/92 / 15 watt wall wash downlight, supported by the Newman III S9525/125 / 25 watt downlights for the customer service collection space. The Newman series is designed with an adjustable bracket mechanism and tilt function of -15 to +45 degree, which was ideal for these multi-function applications.

The general kitchen space was captured by the S9754/312 LED panels.

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issue May 2020