D + I Design - NSW

Category: Case Studies

Case study: D + I Design

Location: Balmain NSW 2041

Web: www.design-industry.com.au

Site activity: Creative team meeting place and kitchen.

Site category: Commercial
Site operations: Conventional business hours

Lighting requirements: Create an unobtrusive lighting solution that complements the high ceiling profile, whilst providing a uniform illumination level across the central room space.

SAL solution: With an exciting design challenge ahead and a  focus on energy efficiency, visual comfort and durability, the SAL Lighting design team’s first choice of product was the LED Bright Star SE7199 floodlight series.  By incorporating the unique ceiling profile and finish, the design objective was achieved through application of an indirect luminaire orientation, whose finish was camouflaged against the black coloured wall panels. 

SAL design profile – 8 x SAL LED Bright Star SE7199

For more information: www.sal.net.au, Customer service NSW  02 9 723 3099

issue Feb 2018