SAL NEWMAN III - a versatile retail solution

Category: Case Studies

Retail shopping is all about the LOOK.

So, when asked for a recommendation for the general consumer walkways at the Orange City Mall, SAL’ s immediate choice was the NEWMAN III (S9525) series.

The NEWMAN III is designed with a versatile die-cast aluminium body profile, with both tilt and rotatable functionality, finished in a stylish white powder coat finish. The changeable multi-reflector optical system is designed around a high output COB LED, which creates a beam distribution of 40 degree as standard and an optional 24 degree performance to order.

Designed with a selection of a constant current trailing edge dimmable or non-dimmable driver configurations, which is factory fitted with a flex and plug, makes the NEWMAN III the perfect choice for any retail environment.

STOP PRESS: The Newman III is now available with selectable power and colour temperature for more flexibility!

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