BUTTON BATTERIES - new regulations

Category: Regulatory change


New regulations are now in force (effective June 22, 2022) for products using button batteries, which can be found in numerous household products such as children’s toys, novelty cards, books, controllers, and watches to name a few.

The objective of these new regulations is to improve safety by reducing the ability for children to gain access to button type batteries and raising awareness of the life threatening hazards if swallowed.

Under the new standards, which include additional package warnings, products must have a secure battery compartment to prevent children from accessing the batteries.

All levels of the supply chain are responsible in maintaining these new requirements, which take effect June 22, 2022, so if you are unsure of your obligations, simply contact the point of purchase for clarification, or if you identify an existing non-complaint device in use, simply stop using the device and keep it out of reach of children.


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issue June 2022