12 watt IP54 wall mounted LED floodlight with selectable CCT and PIR sensor


A stylish solution for residential exterior spaces, great for security

Design Specifications

  • Robust adjustable black or white aluminium optical head assembly with quick connect termination

  • Durable polycarbonate mounting base

  • Tempered glass lens, beam distribution 120° per head

  • Selectable CCT 3000K/4000K/5700K

  • Integral non-dimmable LED driver

  • Integral PIR motion sensor, detection distance 10m at 2.0hm, detection angle 180°, manual over-ride function, time and light level adjustments see installation instructions, sensor control dials must face downwards.


  • In Built Sensor - YES
  • Sensor Type - PIR
  • Dimensions - Wiring Diagrams
  • Design Options
  • Photometric Data
  • FAQ
    • Where can I buy SAL products?

      Where can I buy SAL products?

      SAL distribute their products through authorised Australian Electrical Trade Wholesalers and Lighting Retailers. To find a store near you, simply follow this link and input your postcode, where the nearest location to you will be provided.

    • Does SAL have office locations nationally?

      Does SAL have office locations nationally?

      Yes, SAL has customer service centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

    • Can I mount a Stargem SE7080 product under a covered eave?

      Can I mount a Stargem SE7080 product under a covered eave?

      Allowing for the impact (if any) and suitable drainage of water, the product has been designed and approved for installation in an exposed, vertical wall mount orientation only.

      Mounting the product in a horizontal orientation voids the designated IP rating of the product, hence installation in such an orientation must not be exposed to any water ingress whatsoever.

    • What does IP stand for?

      What does IP stand for?

      IP (or Ingress and Protection) are an international standard reference which defines how well an electrical product seals itself against the intrusion of foreign bodies and moisture. The first digit I stands for intrusion of a solid object and the second digit P stands for the protection against moisture. In brief the higher the rating the more secure the product is against these elements.

      As a guide IP20 is suitable for basic interior spaces eg: office areas, where IP55 and above would be suitable for exterior equipment such as floodlights.

      For more information please refer to AS 60529. 

    • What is a ta rating?

      What is a ta rating?

      (thermal ambient) is the recommended maximum environmental thermal limit for the safe continued operation of an electrical device. The ta rating can be found on the rating label and installation sheet, which is located on the relevant product web page. Typically, you will find ta ratings of 25 degree C for Interior products, where ta ratings of up to 50 degree C can be found for exterior products. Operating products beyond their designed ta limit is not recommended as it will stress the product components beyond their rated limits, resulting in reduced product performance or premature failure.

    • Is aiming orientation important for exterior products?

      Is aiming orientation important for exterior products?

      Absolutely, careful attention is required when installing exterior products to ensure the designated aiming orientation is correct and allows for the natural cleaning of debris/dust from the glass visor surface, in particular when aimed in an upward direction. Products aimed in an upward direction can result in a build-up of dirt on the glass visor, which in turn can thermally stress the product if it is not routinely cleaned. Any aiming restrictions can be found with the installation instructions located in the product carton and or on the relevant product web page.

    Do you have any more questions? Simply check our FAQs page or contact our customer service team. 

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  • Technical Specifications
    Product Model No. Input Voltage Power Lumens CCT CRI Beam Angle Body Colour Dim Diameter Mass Add to Enquiry
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    Model No.SES7070/1TC/BK Input Voltage240 Power12 Lumens950/1150/1050 CCT3000/4000/5700 CRI80 Beam Angle120 Body ColourBLACK Dim115(W) x 180(D) Diameter115 Mass0.52 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove
    Model No.SES7070/1TC/WH Input Voltage240 Power12 Lumens1200/1300/1250 CCT3000/4000/5700 CRI80 Beam Angle120 Body ColourWHITE Dim115(W) x 180(D) Diameter115 Mass0.4 Add to Enquiry Add Remove Remove
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